Omaha North High School
Class of 1968
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Probably the only classmate that has spent 34 years in prison. It was hard, but I wouldn't change anything about it. Oh, I probably should add that this down time was as a prison chaplain. After graduation I attended Colo. State University majoring in Fore… more »
My husband and I are retired. Really enjoying traveling and seeing more of this beautiful country. This summer we are camp hosts. So many wonderful things have happened in the last few years. Between us-we have 3 talented children and 3 wonderful in-la… more »
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I have been married for 37 yrs. Steve and I met in my junior yr. of high school. We were married for 11 yrs. and finally had two beautiful girls. Last year we had our youngest girl get married. Looking forward to our first grandchild someday. Still se… more »
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Wow ! 50 Years...….can you bebieve it !!
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I am still dancing! I own my own business "Pilates and Dance". My passion is helping others to be their physical and mental best! Graduated from college, ran a marathon, elected to the legislature, married, and have 3 sons and one daughter - 40 years la… more »