Omaha North High School
Class of 1968
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Looking forward to seeing old friends. Marion Shalander and Terry Doyle from grade school days, Lila (you're still Liz to me since we first met in 8th grade). Carolyn Rothery and Susan Peters, my high school locker mates (that locker made way for renovat… more »
Retired from UNO 2016. Immensely enjoy retirement. Enjoy quilting, doing genealogy and reading. Lots of time for my interests now and trying new things to do.
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Let's get behind Buzz and get this Viking Ship going. He is right that we should support OUR part of town. It was a big part of our life for so many years. GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!
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Chris (Hillman) Boroff
I can't believe it's been 40 years. For some reason, I didn't get notice about any of the other reunions so this will be fun. I married in 1972. We couldn't conceive and he refused to have any testing done, so I went into nursing… more »
I retired 3 years ago after 43 years with HyVee Food Stores. My wife and I have lived in Olathe, KS for over 30 years. Our 3 children and 9 grandchildren all live close by. We love to spend time with family in the spring & summer, then spend our winters in… more »
After high school, I moved to San Antonio and earned a BA in psychology at Trinity University. I married my wife Susan (from Dallas) the day before we graduated from Trinity. We moved to Austin the next year where I attended the University of Texas, comple… more »
Hi Fellow Vikes!

Well a lot of life has happened since North High School!!

After high school, I attended Omaha University/UNO majoring in Business Administration; however on the first day of my second year I was involved in a very bad motorcycle acci… more »