Omaha North High School
Class of 1968
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Hi Fellow Vikes!

Well a lot of life has happened since North High School!!

After high school, I attended Omaha University/UNO majoring in Business Administration; however on the first day of my second year I was involved in a very bad motorcycle acci… more »
Congratulations North High School class of 1968!!! It is unbelievable to me that its been 40 years....and lots of beautiful memories most of them as fresh as if it were yesterday. We were then and still are one of the most honorable, recognized and awesome… more »
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I married Pat Swift in January 1969, our fiftieth is coming up! We survived raising 3 kids. Daughter, Erin Oberhauser (husband Paul) parents of Wyatt & Kyra. Sons, Timothy (wife Lindsey) parents of Caleb and Maggie, & Matthew, the father of Hannah & Al… more »
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This has been really fun to peek at the last 40 years of my classmates lives! I remember cruising 30th street and Mr. C's and racing cars like it was...holy shit 40 YEARS ago. Ok, I'm done with that. I've been married to Bob since 1972. We have two dau… more »
Married to Linda (Fitzgerald) class of 68 and we have two sons.
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