Omaha North High School
Class of 1968
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Ron and I have been married for 41 years and have lived at the same address for the last 37 years -- yes, we are boring.
Ron is retired and I work for Heartland Family Service with the Seniors.

We have 3 wonderful daughters who are all gainfully emplo… more »
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I married Richard Shears ('68) in 1969. We had 1 son, but the marriage didn't last and we divorced in 1972.

Randy and I have been married 41 years. We had 3 more sons. We were very active in scouting as the 4 boys were growing up. Two boys became Ea… more »
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I left Omaha in 1975 after a blizzard and tornado. Thirty years later my husband Doug and I moved back to Red Oak, IA. to take care of my mother. Since then she has passed and we have had a blizzard, floods, tornado's and just plain crappy weather! What… more »
Until a couple of years ago I'd have said I don't feel old enough for a 40-year reunion. But that was before I noticed myself slowing down and in need of reading glasses.

After graduating from the Air Force Academy, I spent 20 yrs in the USAF as an ele… more »
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Excited to fly back to Omaha from Red Bluff, Ca. a small town in No. California. Spent my first 27 years with a Benson bunny, should have known better! We had two great kids together who have blessed me with 7 grandchildren-6 boys & 1 girl. My second ma… more »
I just learned of the planned reunion and can't wait to visit with all of you. Like everyone else I can't believe it has been this long. After Graduation tried college, did not work out, so joined the service. Spent 4 years in the Navy of which I spent… more »
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I can't believe its been 40 years. I have never been back for a North High reunion and I can't wait. After graduation I went to UNO for 2 years. Married my husband John in 1972 and moved to Arkansas. I had 2 Children John and Keya. Keya died 5 years ago.… more »