Omaha North High School
Class of 1968
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Looking forward to seeing you all in September. It is hard to believe that we are having our 50th but are still so young at heart.
View profile »Trudy Nelson (Klapka)
It may have been 50 yrs. now since graduation, but the good thing about moving away my senior year is that everyone is still only 17-18 years old in my memory.
I retired in Sept. 2016 having worked in real estate property management for 44 yrs. The last 3… more »
I ONLY get this little space to sum up the last 40 years!?!! It seems unethical for an English teacher to not use complete sentences!!!!! Let's see---Midland Lutheran College (English major and math minor), brief marriage, Fremont Middle School English (… more »
View profile »Pam Steiner (Lanning)
Where has the time gone? Seems like it was just yesterday we only had to worry about getting our home work done and waiting for the weekend to go to the "Wayout Club"! Remember?