Omaha North High School
Class of 1968
Ingo Angermeier
I should have been a member of the class of '68,..But my parents moved to rural Kansas after my ninth grade year at McMillan. I didn't like being torn from friends but I made the best of it. Went on to college in Wisconsin, school of health at the U. of Minn, then on to residency in Wisconsin. From there, I ran 7 troubled medical centers in 6 states ending in South Carolina. I served as the COO of Creighton Hospitals when the new one was built on North 30th Street. I ran into George McGinty at a bar on the Northside. I've exchanged published research papers with Dr. Wesley Hoover. ("Yes",...he's still irritatingly good looking and living in Texas.) I'm sadened at the deaths of Marsha Engen and Tom Greder. Tom, Ron Sides and I were on the same swimming medley relays for years. I've run into Karen Sides and the ever lovely Linda Osmond (aka,.."Oz") on facebook. Along the way, I fathered 5 children living all around the world. I hope all are well and happy.
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